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NOTE NEW DATE - Next History Group Meeting - Jan 13th at 7.30pm


The next meeting of the Hay History Group meeting will be held on Jan 13th at 7.30pm

Venue: Cusop Village Hall

There will be an illustrated talk by Gil McHattie on the Knights Templar:

'It is becoming more and more important to add truth to the plethora of distortion that surrounds the Knights Templar. The Order's spiritual legacy therefore needs voices that make conscious the impulse they carried, and to show how these impulses have reappeared and metamorphosed in later times, and how they continue to be of pressing relevance today in all spheres of life - from spirituality and the arts to politics and the worlds of banking, commerce and business.' 

The beginnings of the Templar Order are shrouded in mystery. Very little is known about its foundation, inner workings or its rapid growth. This lack of knowledge can lead to all sorts of speculation and, sometimes, bizarre theories. 

GIL MCHATTIE spent many years as a deputy head teacher in a school for children and young people with special needs. She then undertook trainings in counselling and in facilitation of Biography Group Work at the Centre for Social Development. She gives lectures and workshops on various themes, and has had a lifelong interest in ancient and medieval history. She is especially interested in the figure of Bernard of Clairvaux.

Gil McHattie's 2011 book on the Knights Templar

Gil McHattie's 2011 book on the Knights Templar