Archival film footage of Kington Camp and Hereford in 1945

Some amazing footage has come to light which shows American soldiers at the 107th US Hospital in Kington during the Second World War. The film was shot by Corporal Clarke Morgan who was posted to Kington in 1944 along with hundreds of other Americans who formed the 107th and 122nd Hospitals based in Kington. Clarke Morgan was not only an important member of staff but also a talented musician who recorded at the BBC for the American Armed Forces Broadcasting Network.

The black and white film shows soldiers and their day to day activities at the hospital, known as Kington Camp. We see them boarding a bus to Hereford to join what looks like celebrations for VE Day. Scenes show the streets full of people, the old black and white house in the centre of Hereford, All Saints Church and Hereford Cathedral. Quite surprisingly the film then moves to colour and shows the American soldiers packing up and preparing to leave the Hospital for their return to the States. They then board the Queen Mary, cross the Atlantic, spotting airships on the way and then arrive in New York to views of The Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

Examples of some of the footage

It's a fantastic piece of footage, documenting the experience of an American soldier in the UK between 1944 and 1945.

The Imperial War Museum have expressed their interest in preserving this film in their archive and making it public on their website as it has been offered by the daughter of Clarke Morgan.

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