Martyr of the Storm

The Hereford Times recently featured an article about Rosa Blanche Williams in "thewalk" section by Garth Lawson. His article tells the story of Rosa and her fateful final journey from Hay to Painscastle on 22nd December 1925 and also gives details of a 5-6 mile walk that you can go on which encorperates Rosa's memorial on Llanbedr Hill.

(Editor's note: It has been pointed out to Hay History Group that some of the information provided to Garth Lawson for this article was not correct. We apologise for this. We have since received an email that points out that Marian Lally is not the daughter of Ted Breeze, but the daughter of the youngest of Rosa's children who was Richard Allan Williams. Ted Breeze bought the Pant farm but was no relation to the family at all.

We are glad that the publication of the article has prompted people to contact us.  Interestingly it was also pointed out that Rosa Blanche Williams is not buried in Llanbedr but in the Chapel graveyard in Painscastle. However, there is a a letter from R. Norman whose "eldest brother Pryse Lloyd was one of the 8 bearers (of Rosa's coffin) at Llanbedr Church - hence the thought that the grave was at Llanbedr.  The information about Painscastle may clear up why the grave could not be found. Please do get in touch with us if you have any further information - we would love to hear from you.)