Fairfield High School Poppy Making Workshops

Fairfield High School WW1 day - Nov 19th 2014

Hay History Group were delighted to be involved in a series of workshops and talks at Fairfield's WW1 day yesterday. The school's history teacher, Joe Emmett, asked the History Group to run some poppy making workshops after seeing the History Weekend event that was held at The Old Electric Shop in September. The results of the Weekend workshops might have been seen by some when they were hung next to the war memorial in Hay.

A little scaling up was required as this time there were to be six workshops of around 50 pupils in each throughout the day, meaning that every pupil in years 7, 8 & 9 would be able to be involved in making a poppy as well as a variety of other workshops during the day. These included a memories wall with added barbed wire decoration, debates upon warfare and the proliferation of war themed games for xBox and PS and also a poetry talk by Owen Sheers. The pupils were really enthusiastic and great to work with, some of them making more than one poppy each and others elaborating on the simple design with embellishments and creative designs. 

Once made, the poppies were sewn on to a huge length of netting which was hung out of the English room window at the end of the day. This impressive handmade poppy memorial looked fantastic alongside the ceramic poppies previously produced by the school's Art Dept and proved a great backdrop for a quick photograph of Owen Sheers alongside a WW1 General who happened to turn up for the day!

Hay History Group are very proud to have been involved and are looking forward to working with Mr Emmett and his pupils again in the future. Huge thanks also go out to our two incredibly hard working volunteers who came up with the idea back in September and supported the workshops yesterday - without them it wouldn't have happened. Thank you Ingrid and Bex!