Below follow all of the properties in Bear Street - Hay on Wye

1 Bear Street


The Maddy family had a grocers shop here. It was started about 150 years ago and was called Kennedys at first, later altered to Maddys. They had a bakehouse where the British Legion Club is now and made all their own bread and cakes, the baker being Mr Pitt. Some of the bread they made supplied Hay Work House. Mr Maddy retired 30 years ago, letting it to a grocer, Mr Dimbylow but it was changed to an antique shop about 1992.

Number one seems to be the shop and the house behind and attached to Bullring Antiques

1 Bear St    1911 Census

John Maddy, head, 53, mar. Grocer & Baker, b. Walsall, Staffs.

Agnes Maddy, wife, 55, married 27 years, 8 children 5 living, b. Hay

Annie Maddy, dau. 26, single, b. Hay

Agnes Maddy, dau. 25, single, b. Hay

Rupert Maddy, son, 17, single, Grocers ass. b. Hay

Rose Watkins, servant, 16, domestic servant, b. Hay


(1)Bear Street    1901 Census

John M. Maddy, head, mar. 44, Grocer, b. Walsall, Staffs.

Agnes Maddy, wife, 46, b. Hay

Ronald 8; Rupert 7; born Hay

Emma Parmel? servant, 50, nurse, b. Ledbury, Her.

Mary Watham, servant, 17, domestic, b. Clifford, Her.


(1) Bear Street     1891 Census

John Maddy, head, mar. 33, grocer & baker, b. Walsall, Staffs.

Agnes Maddy, wife, 35, b. Hay

Minnie 6; Agnes 4;  born Hay

Emma Pamoe? servant, unm. 40, b. Hereford

Lizzie Williams, servant, 16, b. Mountain Ash, Glam.

Henry Evans, servant, 15, Ass't baker, b. Clehonger, Her.

John Kennedy, fil, wid. 78, Retired Grocer & Baker, b. Scotland


1 Bear Street     1881 Census

John Kennedy, head, wid. 68, Grocer, b. Scotland

Agnes Kennedy, dau. unm. 25, Ass't, b. Breconshire

Helen Barnes, visitor, unm. 24, b. Norfolk


1 Bear Street     1871 Census

John Kennedy, head, mar. 58, Grocer, b. Ayrshire, Scotland

Mary Ann Kennedy, wife, 59, b. Llanthony, Mon.

Miriam 17; Agnes 15; born Hay

Henry Billingham, servant, unm. 22, Baker, b. Ryeford, Her.

Emma Parmee, servant, 18, b. Hereford

James Carsons, boarder, unm. 26, traveller, b. Wigtonshire


Bear Street     1861 Census

John Kennedy, head, mar. 47, Tea Dealer & Grocer, b. Scotland

Mary Ann Kennedy, wife, 48, b. Llanthony, Mon.

Miriam 7; Agnes 5;  born Hay

Louisa Price, servant, 18, b. Clifford, Her.

George Lewis, servant, unm. 22, Baker, b. St Owens, Hereford

John Fraser, Assistant, unm. 22, b. Scotland


(1a?) Bear Street    1851 Census

John Hope, head, mar. 43, Grocer & Baker empl. 1 man, b. Hay

Mary Hope, wife, 40, b. Clyro, Rads.

Elizabeth Hope, mother, wid. 71, b. Little Mansel, Her.

George 13;  Mary 11; Hannah 10; Elizabeth 8; Henry 7; John Edison 7; Alfred 5; Emily 3; Edwin Meredith 2;  Joshua 1; all born Hay

Theophilus Jones, servant, 15, Baker, b. Llanigon, Bre.


(1b?) Bear Street    1851 Census

John Maddy, head, unm. 39, Chemist & Druggist, b. Dorstone, Her.

Elizabeth Price, servant, unm. 29, Housekeeper, b. Hay


(1a) Bear Street    1841 Census

John Edwin Hope, 33, Baker & Grocer, y

Mary Hope, 32, n

George 3; Mary 2; Hannah 1;

Mary Powell, 18, fs, y

Edward Morris, 16, Baker, n

Catherine Pugh, 19, fs, n


(1b) Bear Street    1841 Census

Mary Davies, 40, Currier, n

Elizabeth 17; David 10;

Joseph Greenswill, 15, appr. n

Martha Cartwright, 20, fs, n

The Bear Inn

Grade: II        Date Listed: 2 January 1988    Cadw Building ID: 7274


Bear Inn, 2 Bear St    1911 Census

William Thomas, head, 39, mar. Public House Keeper, b. St Clears, Cam.

Sarah Ann Thomas, wife, 45, married 13 years, 1 child, assisting in business, b. Llanbedr - Painscastle, Rads.

(2) Bear Street    1901 Census

William Evans, head, mar. 35, Innkeeper, b. Builth, Bre.

Catherine Evans, wife, 28, b. Llandefalle, Bre.

Mary 8; Catherine 7; William 5; Wilfred 3; 

2  Bear Street     1891 Census

William Watkins, head, mar. 48, own means, b. Lambeth, London

Grace Watkins, wife, 34, Agra? East Indies

William Watkins, son, 14, b. Bombay, East Indies

Elizabeth Preece, servant, 18, b. Blakemere, Her.

2 Bear Street     1881 Census

Fanny Watkins, head, unm. 43, Innkeeper, b. Hay

Hannah Watkins, sister, unm. 50, Innkeeper, b. Hay

John Williams, boarder, unm. 61, Farmer of 150 acres empl. 3 men. b. Cusop, Her.

2  Bear Street     1871 Census

Fanny M. Watkins, head, unm. 52, Innkeeper, b. Hay

Hannah Watkins, sister, unm. 51, Innkeeper, b. Hay

John Williams, boarder, unm. 51,  Farmer, b. Cusop, Her.

Bear Inn, Bear Street     1861 Census

Fanny Watkins, head, unm. 44, Innkeeper, b. Hay

Hannah Watkins, sister, unm. 43, b. Hay

John Williams, servant, unm. 43, Brewer, b. Cusop, Her.

(Bear Inn) Bear Street    1851 Census

Hannah Margaret Watkins, head, unm. 33, Innkeeper, b. Hay

Frances Watkins, sister, unm. 39, b. Hay

John Williams, servant, unm. 34, Brewer, b. Hay

Bear Street    1841 Census

William Watkins, 60, Innkeeper, y

Fanny Watkins, 50, y

Fanny 25; Hannah 20;

John Williams, 20, y

House between The Bear and 3 Bear Street

This house was probably built between 1901 and 1911

This house was probably built between 1901 and 1911

 Model Lodging House,  Bear St    1911 Census    (John Greenway, proprietor)

Eliza Pepper, head, married 25 years, 8 children, lodging housekeeper, b. Caernarfon

Thomas Pepper, husband, 53, mar. Bespoke Tailor, b. Caernarfon

Joseph Pepper, son, 16, General labourer, b. Caernarfon

Kate Pepper, dau. 14, b. Caernarfon

Lizzie Pepper, dau. 10, b. Caernarfon

Maggie Pepper, dau, 5, b. Caernarfon

William Pepper, son, 3, b. Caernarfon

Edward Griffiths, lodger, 40, single, farm labourer, b. Glasbury

Norah Lloyd, lodger, 23, married 4 years, Pedlar, b. Macclesfield, Lancs.

Leonard Lloyd, lodger, 24, mar. Pedlar, b. Wrexham

Austin Lloyd, lodger, 18, single, Pedlar, b. Wrexham

John Clark, lodger, 68, mar. Pedlar, b. Hay

Lizzie Clark, lodger, 69, mar. Pedlar, b. Hereford

Edward Stephens, lodger, 59, mar. General labourer, b. Shrewsbury

Nelli Stephens, lodger, 55, married 35 years, 1 child, Pedlar, b. Forest of Dean, Gloucs.

Edward Stephens, lodger 15, b. Abergavenny

Thomas Warner, lodger, 48, mar. Pedlar, b. Ross, Her.

Sarah Warner, lodger, 21, married 2 years, Pedlar, b. Stockton on Tees, Yorks.

William Warner, lodger, 68, single, General labourer, b. Hay

John Preece, lodger, 58, single, General labourer, b. Hay

Thomas Smith, lodger, 35, single, Pedlar, b. Bridgnorth, Salop

Elizabeth Sanders, lodger, 39, widow, Pedlar, b. Hatherley, Gloucs.

William Bagley, lodger, 23, single, General labourer, b. Warwick

Caroline Bagley, lodger, 19, single, Pedlar, b. Forest of Dean

Edward Clarke, lodger, 33, single, Journeyman Taylor, b. Kentish Town, London

John Shorkes, lodger, 58, single, Farm labourer, b. Ashtown in Makenfield? Lancs.

Charles Ford, lodger, 50, House Painter, b. Devonport

John Clarke, lodger, 33, General labourer, b. Hoton, Leics.

William Stafford, lodger, 31, mar. General Labourer, b. Leeds

Emma Stafford, lodger, 32, married 3 years b. Clements Inn, London

Joseph Marr, lodger, 51, mar. House Painter, b. Sunderland, Durham

Sarah Jane Marr, lodger, 46 married 27 years, 6 children 5 living, b. Stockport, Cheshire

Bertha Marr, lodger, 4, b. Sheffield

3 Bear Street

Number 3 Bear Street is to the right of the entrance

Number 3 Bear Street is to the right of the entrance

3  Bear St    1911 Census

Charles Lloyd, head, 64,mar. Stone Mason, b. Hay

Gwendoline Lloyd, wife, 69, married 32 years no children, b. Llangorse

Lizzie Williams, niece, 15, domestic servant, b. Dowlais, Glam.

(3) Bear Street    1901 Census

Charles Lloyd, head, mar. 50, mason, b. Hay

Gwendoline Lloyd, wife, 50, b. Llangorse, Bre.

Thomas Lloyd, son, 20, labourer, b. Hay

Elizabeth Williams, adopted, 5, b. Dowlais, Glam.

3  Bear Street     1891 Census

Thomas Pritchard, head, mar. 53, Carpenter, b. Glasbury, Bre.

Elizabeth Pritchard, wife, 51, b. Glasbury, Rads.

James Pritchard, son, unm. 22, Blacksmth, b. Hay

William Evans, nephew, Blacksmith appr. b. Dowlais.

Rosa Pritchard, niece, 10, b. Clyro, Rads.

4 (3?) Bear Street     1881 Census    (probably number 3 ?)

Thomas Pritchard, head, mar. 44, Carpenter, b. Glasbury, Bre.

Elizabeth Pritchard, wife, 42, b. Glasbury, Bre.

James Pritchard, son, 12, b. Hay

3 Bear Street     1871 Census

William Jones, head, mar. 46, Labourer, b. Eardisley, Her.

Sarah Jones, wife, 56, laundress, b. Eardisley, Her.

Sarah Jones, dau. 16, b. Hay

(3?) Bear Street     1861 Census

Matthew Jones, head, wid. 80, Labourer, b. Clyro, Rads.

(3?) Bear Street    1851 Census

William Warwick, head, mar. 36, Bootmaker, b. Gloucester

Ann Warwick, wife, 36, b. Hereford

George 14; Henry 11; William 9; Ann 4; Elizabeth 1; all born Hay

George Arrowsmith, lodger, unm. 21, Shoemaker, b. Bredwardine, Her.

(3?) Bear Street    1841 Census

William Warwick, 25, Shoemaker, n

Ann Warwick, 25, n

George 4; Henry 1;

4 Bear Street

There is no number 4 Bear Street now??

4  Bear St    1911 Census

Reese Davies, head, 80, mar. Old age pensioner, b. Old Radnor

Mary Davies, wife, 86, married 56 years, 18 children, 4 living, b. Hay

(4) Bear Street    1901 Census

Rees Davies, head, mar. 69, Labourer, b. Radnor

Mary Davies, wife, 71, b. Hay

Florence Williams, gd. 14, b. Hay

4 Bear Street     1891 Census

Evan Lloyd, head, unm. 27, mason, b. Glasbury, Rads.

Elizabeth Lloyd, sister, unm. 30, Housekeeper, b. Glasbury Rads.

3 (4?) Bear Street     1881 Census    (possibly number 4 ?)

Annie Morgan, wife, mar. 22, b. Glasbury

Sarah Morgan, dau. 1, b. Hay

Susan Morgan, sil, 8, b. Hay

Henry Morgan, brother, 5, b. Hay

4a  Bear Street     1881 Census

Robert Mitchel, head, mar. 27, Masons labourer, b. Botley, Hampshire

Margaret Mitchel, wife, 31, Laundress, b. Chippenham, Wilts

4  Bear Street     1871 Census

Elizabeth Landford, head, wid. 78, Seamstress, b. Brilley, Her.

(4?) Bear Street     1861 Census


(4?) Bear Street    1851 Census

Maria Davies, head, wid, 39, Formerly Painters wife, b. Hereford

Sarah 16; Emma 14; Helen 8; Charles 3; all born Hay

 (4?) Bear Street    1841 Census

Benjamin Watkins, 55, Parish Clerk, y

Ann Watkins, 50, n

Ann 24; Sara Eliza 21; Mary Jane 15;

5 Bear Street

 Number 5 Bear Street is to the left of the doorway 

 Number 5 Bear Street is to the left of the doorway 

 5  Bear St    1911 Census

James Evans, head, 66, widower, Builders Carpenter, b. Peterchurch

Richard Davies, boarder, 22, single, Mason's labourer, b. Dorstone

(5) Bear Street    1901 Census

James Evans, head, mar. 56, Carpenter, b. Peterchurch, Her.

Miriam Evans, wife, 56, b. Hay

Miriam Evans, dau. 21, b. Hay

Richard Evans, adopted son, 12, b. Brilley, Her.

5 Bear Street     1891 Census

Eleanor Jones, head, wid. 50, b. Newchurch, Rads.

5  Bear Street     1891 Census

Sarah Evans, head, wid. 79, Shoemaker, b. Painscastle, Rads.

5 Bear Street     1881 Census

Thomas Williams, head, mar. 77, Labourer, b. Llanelieu, Bre.

Elizabeth Williams, wife, 69, b. Pontithel, Bre.

5  Bear Street     1871 Census

Mary Price, head, unm. 30, Dressmaker, b. Hay

(5?) Bear Street     1861 Census

John Davies, head, mar. 57. Sawyer, b. Cusop, Her.

Phebe Davies, wife, 53, Laundress, b. Hay

Maurice 16; Mary 11; born Hay

(5?) Bear Street    1851 Census


(5?) Bear Street    1841 Census

William Ferrer, 30, Joiner, n

6 Bear Street

 6 Bear St    1911 Census

Humphrey Webb, head, 44, mar. Carriage Builder, employer, b. Hay

Mary Ann Webb, wife, 44, married 24 years 13 children, 11 living, b. Painscastle

Annie May Webb, dau. 23, single, Cycle shop ass. b. Hay

James Lewis Webb, son, 21, single, coach painter, b. Hay

Hannah Webb, dau. 19, single, b. Hay

Helen webb, dau. 18, single, b. Hay

Rose Webb, dau. 16, b. Hay

Frank webb, son, 13, b. Hay

Elizabeth Webb, dau. 12, b. Hay

Ethel Webb, dau. 11, b. Hay

John Webb, son, 5, b. Hay

Shelma? Webb, dau. 4, b. Hay

Mildred Webb, dau. 3, b. Hay

Susan Jones, niece, 8, b. Hay

(6?) Bear Street    1901 Census

Eleanor Stephens, head, wid. 68, own means, b. Glasbury, Rads.

Thomas Stephens, son, unm. 36, Grocer, b. Hay

John Hird, head, unm. 27, Chemist's ass't. b. Richmond, Yorks.

6  Bear Street     1891 Census

Thomas Nickell, boarder, unm. 22, Ironmonger's ass't, b. New Radnor

6  Bear Street     1891 Census

Elianor Stephens, head, wid. 56, own means, b. Glasbury, Rads.

Annie Stephens, dau, unm, 29, Draper's ass't, b. Hay

Ellen Stephens, dau. 18, Draper's Ass't, b. Hay

6  Bear Street     1881 Census

Eleanor Stephens, head, wid. 48, Retired painter, b. Glasbury, Rads.

Annie 12; Ellen 8; born Hay

Charles E. Shepherd, boarder, unm. 23, Watchmaker, b. Walsall, Staffs.

6a  Bear Street     1881 Census

John Loveridge, head, mar. 30, Draper, b. Oxenhall, Gloucs.

Minnie Loveridge, wife, 30, b. Hereford

Elizabeth Webb, mil, wid. 59, Draper & Milliner, b. Abbeydore, Her.

6 Bear Street     1871 Census

Hannah Grant, head, unm. 24, Teacher, b. Llairnshair? Mon.

Fanny Grant, sister, unm. 23, Teacher, b. Llairnshair? Mon.

(6?) Bear Street     1861 Census

Frederick Wiles, head, mar. 31, Baptist Minister, b. Charlton Kings, Gloucs.

Mary Wiles, wife, 32, b. Eatington, Warwick

Frederick 3; William 4mo.

Sarah Wiles, visitor, 16, b. Grafton, Warwick

(6?) Bear Street    1851 Census

James Pugh, head, wid. 41, Joiner, b. Hay

Eliza 15; James 14; Margaret 12; Elizabeth 10; Susanah 8; all born Hay

Joseph Pugh, brother, wid. 55, weaver, b. Hay

(6a?) Bear Street    1841 Census

James Pugh, 30, Carpenter, y

Margaret Pugh, 30, n

Eliza 5; James 4; Margaret 2;

William Price, 25, n

7 Bear Street - Thornton House

Grade: II        Date Listed: 2 January 1988    Cadw Building ID: 7275


7 (a?)  Bear St    1911 Census

William Davies, head, 57, mar. Flour Miller, worker, b. Llanbedr - Painscastle

Mary Elizabeth Davies, wife, 48 married 24 years, 2 children, b. Sarnesfield, Her.

Sarah Smallcombe, mil, 88, widow, b. Weston Favell, Northants

William Henry Davies, son, 23, single, Insurance Agent, b. Staunton on Arrow, Her.

Mary Elizabeth Davies, dau. 22, single, b. Cholstrey, Her.

George Sayce, boarder, 22, single, Ironmonger Shop ass. b. Berriew, Montgom.


7 (b?)  Bear St    1911 Census

John Thomas Manton, head, 53, mar. Retired Estate Agents clerk, b. Birmingham

Ada Manton, wife, 50, married 28 years no children


(7?) Bear Street    1901 Census

John Beavan, head, mar. 81, own means, b. Talgarth, Bre.

Margaret Beavan, wife, 76, b. Dorstone, Her.

Margaret Beavan, gd. 19, b. Ystmlafara? Glam.

Mabel Gwilliam, servant, 20, b. Hay


(7a?) River Cottage, (Bear Street)    1891 Census

William Anson? head, mar. 45, Grocer's Porter, b. Hay

Mary Anson, wife, 41, b. Dilwyn, Her.

Arthur 13; Henry 11; Anne 9; Wilfred 7; Stewart 5; Ethel 1;


(7b?) Bear Street     1891 Census

Ivor James, head, mar. 26, Baptist Minister, b. Briton Ferry, Glam.

Joanne James, wife, 24, b. Llanigon, Bre.


7 (a?) Bear Street     1881 Census

George Jones, head, mar. 47, Chelsea Pensioner, b. Hay

Caroline Jones, wife, 44, b. Hay

Sarah A. Jones, dau 23, governess, b. Hay

Florence Jones, dau. 4, b. Hay

Henry Jones, son, 3, b. Hay


7 (b?) Bear Street     1881 Census

Letitia Morris, lodger, 63, unm. Supported by friends, b. Llechryd, Cardiganshire

Mary Morris, lodger, 53, unm. Supported by friends, b. Llanbadarnvawr, Rads.


7  (c?) Bear Street     1881 Census

John Harris, lodger, wid. 62, Retired Publican, b. Peterchurch, Her.

Mary Harris, lodger, unm. 31, b. Westminster, London


7  Bear Street     1871 Census

John White, head, mar. 87, Retired from Civil Service, b. Hillersley, Berks.

Frances White, wife, 48, Dressmaker, b. Hay

Alfred White, son, 12, b. Hampton Wick, Surrey


(7?) Bear Street     1861 Census

Sarah Sheriff, head, wid, 43, b. Hay

Alfred Sheriff, son, 24, Sailor 3rd mate, b. Hay

Rhoda Sheriff, dau. 14, b. Clifford, Her.


(7?) Bear Street    1851 Census

Eleanor Price, head, unm. 47, Charwoman, b. Bredwardine, Her.

WalterPrice, son, 20, Fisherman, b. Hay

Matthew Price, son, 17, Groom, b. Hay

Thomas Price, brother, unm. 42, Labourer, b. Bredwardine, Her.


(7?) Bear Street    1841 Census

Joseph Pugh, 45, y

Esther Pugh, 75, n

William Powell, 23, blacksmith, n

Esther Powell, 22, n

Eliza Powell, 4, n